How to Find Reputable Legitimate Online Casinos

In the era of misinformation and so-called ‘fake news’, it’s no wonder that all information and
companies founded online are regarded skeptically. That said, when it comes to online casinos,
players wouldn’t have to worry, if they follow this list of things to check on to ensure that the casino
is legitimate and safe!
TRUSTe stands for True Ultimate Standards Everywhere. The organization behind this seal of
approval has existed since 1997. The TRUSTe seal is primarily a data protection seal. This seal of
approval documents that the provider handles customer data responsibly. That alone does not
prove seriousness, but it is without a doubt a good sign that a casino has a TRUSTe seal.
Gaming labs
GLI or Gaming Laboratories International certifies online casinos among others. The certificate
awarded is called “Gaming Labs Certified”. The testing company TST (Technical System Testing) also
belongs to GLI. A GLI certificate documents that the provider adheres to the stipulated regulations.
In addition, GLI plays an important role for casino operators. For example, GLI offers casino
operators the possibility to check compliance with compliance rules in certain countries before
applying for a license. Games testing including random generator testing is also offered by GLI.
GamCare is an organization dedicated to protecting players. GamCare has been available to gamers
who have a gambling problem since 1997. An online casino documents with a GamCare seal that
important rules for player protection are observed. For example, this means that the players have
the option of defining individual limits. A complete ban on casino operations must also be offered as
an option so that a GamCare seal can be presented on the website.
Further seals of approval
There are a variety of other seals of approval on the market. In some cases, dubious casino
operators also invent fantasy seals. In order to be able to assess the quality of a seal of approval, it
makes sense to take a closer look at the organization. The test seals presented above are distributed
by renowned organizations. Basically, there is always skepticism when a seal of quality suddenly
appears that you do not yet know and cannot be found in other casinos. This does not necessarily
mean that it is an untrustworthy seal. But skepticism is always appropriate when a casino does not
present any known test seals, but various (unknown) ones.
Payment methods
A look at the payment methods is helpful at a casino. Some payment providers set strict
requirements for working with casinos. Thus, the lack of certain payment options can indicate that
the provider is not working seriously. Conversely, certain payment methods can indicate that a
provider is serious. This is especially true for PayPal.
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PayPal is the most popular e-wallet on the Internet. This also makes PayPal interesting for online
casinos. Many Internet users have a PayPal account and can therefore make deposits and
withdrawals with no additional effort using this payment method. PayPal is also a serious feature, at
least indirectly. It is not easy for a casino operator to include PayPal in the payment methods
portfolio. The check is comparatively complex and if there are any irregularities, PayPal cancels the
cooperation quickly. In this respect, it is always a good sign that an online casino can offer PayPal as
a payment method. Here you will find the best PayPal casinos.
Lately there have been more and more casinos offering Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for
deposits and withdrawals. The theoretical advantage of Bitcoin is anonymity in deposits and
withdrawals. In practice, however, reputable online casinos usually check the identity of their
customers before larger amounts are paid out. If an identity check is not carried out, this does not
necessarily mean that it is a dubious provider. But healthy skepticism is always appropriate when an
online casino has no interest in verifying the customer’s identity. The casinos that are licensed in the
EU, but also other reputable providers, attach great importance to preventing money laundering
during transactions. This is possible without checking the identity, at least for larger payouts,
There are some Bitcoin casinos that do without identity verification and promise complete
anonymity. Some of these promises are kept, but you should be aware that it would be extremely
easy for these providers to refuse to pay out. If your identity is irrelevant to a casino operator, it
automatically means that it is not a serious offer. The provider may still reliably pay out profits, but
healthy skepticism is recommended.
The Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method that is offered by many online casinos. The
Paysafecard is appreciated by many casino fans because an anonymous deposit is possible.
However, this is a rather weak argument for choosing this payment method. At some point,
winnings have to be paid out and that doesn’t work with the Paysafecard. As a rule, a payment by
bank transfer is necessary if the payment has been made with Paysafecard. At the latest, anonymity
will be over. In addition, in reputable online casinos, depending on the amount of the winnings,
there is a need to go through an identity check before the first payment. This identity check serves,
among other things, to protect against money laundering.
These casinos have particularly fair terms and conditions
Credit card
Almost every online casino offers credit card deposits. Whether payouts are possible depends on
various factors. It is usually possible to deposit and withdraw using VISA. No online casino has to
offer deposits and withdrawals with credit cards in order to work properly. But all experience shows
that this widespread payment method is used by almost all reputable providers. In this respect, it is
always a warning signal when an online casino does not offer credit cards. This can be due to the fact
that the operator does not have a serious business model and therefore cannot use a cooperation
with a credit card provider such as VISA or MasterCard. In practical terms, not using credit cards for
an online casino means that many potential users cannot or do not want to deposit. For this reason,
no casino operator voluntarily waives credit cards for the payment methods.
While there are many scammers and fake online asinos out there, there are just as many legitimate
ones as well. Players just have to be more aware of certain casino features and what they can offer
to ensure its authenticity and not be scammed. Good luck!

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